Internet and Intranet Awareness Seminars

We can develop and present a range of awareness seminars tailored for your staff from the executive group down to the office junior. We will ensure that each seminar is tailored directly to the business you are in and each one of your staff will go away with an in-depth understanding of how your organisation can benefit directly from using Internet and Intranet technologies

Internet Business Strategy Development

These seminars lead your staff through the individual steps which enable your organisation to profit from using these powerful technologies to increase profits and improve communication.

Internet 'hands-on' Training

We can provide hands-on training for all levels of your staff. The training will cover all aspects of training in the use of email; Internet News; Internet Chat; Browsers; Search Engines; how to extract data and graphics from Web sites. We will hold the training at your premises or ours.

Office Systems Training

We can offer an extensive range of office systems training courses - either one-on-one or group courses to suit your organisation's specific requirements.


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